Tuning a piano is only the first step in ensuring its proper function and performance. A piano action is made up of thousands of parts, all of which form a system that must be timed or regulated, like a clock or a car engine, if the parts are not adjusted correctly, the result will not be satisfactory.

Regulation includes a number of adjustments and could include, but is not limited to:

Bed key frame, adjust endblocks for proper hammer strike point 
Regulate keyframe glides 
Square and space keys 
Level keys 
Regulate key dip 
Travel hammers, shim as needed 
Align hammers to strings 
Regulate the una corda pedal (soft pedal) 
Align whippens to hammers 
Regulate jacks to knuckles 
Regulate height of repetition levers 
Regulate hammer height 
Regulate hammer rail height 
Regulate letoff 
Regulate hammer drop depth 
Regulate dampers 
Regulate backchecks 
Regulate height of damper stop rail 
Regulate damper pedal and sostenuto pedal (middle) 

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