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Bass String Replacement, 1913 Emerson Upright

You know the old saying...

If I had a dollar for every _______, then I would be a rich man.

I could say that about poor restringing jobs I have seen. In fact, again and again I run into pianos that have been restrung by someone who just didn't take the time to do a proper job, whether it is because they did not know how, or simply did not care. Often, the customer does not know what a proper job looks like, why it is important, or does not take the time to inspect the work that has been done. In most cases, the piano owner is completely unaware of how badly they have been ripped off.

Mark A. Roth Piano Services is proud to offer factory-quality restringing.

String coils - coils are made tight and set to insure stable tuning. Loose coils make for a piano that will not tune up well or hold its tune.

Tuning pins - tuning pins are set to a uniform height, and proper pin size is used. Pins that are too large will cause the piano to be difficult to tune, yet most technicians will automatically use replacement pins two sizes larger, whether this is warranted or not.

String quality - there are varying degrees of quality in the music wire that is available for piano strings. Mark A. Roth Piano Services only uses top quality carbon steel piano wire, not the cheap stuff.

Bridge pins - these need to be set in order for your piano to be tuned properly.

Bearing points - these also need to be set.

Understring felt - where necessary. Some technicians cheap out and don't even replace the felt.

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