New Abel Hammers installed on Renner Parts - Steinway B Restoration 

Piano hammers must be carefully manufactured to produce a sound that is consistent from note to note, and to have a pleasant tone quality as well. I use primarily two types of replacement hammers:

Abel hammers are among the very best in the world. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, Abel hammers are used in many of the world's finest instruments.These hammers provide long sustaining, singing tones at dynamics from a whispering pianissimo to a thundering fortissimo. They contain no chemical hardeners, feature a T-rivet tensioner and high quality hardwood mouldings made either from mahagony or European hornbeam. Suitable for both upright and grand pianos. 

Imadegawa is the largest independent hammer manufacturer in the world. Imadegawa E-Type hammers, made from Nippon felt, are made to extremely high standards, and are consequentially very consistent in both appearance and tone. These hammers are medium-bright , producing a lively yet full "European" tone that projects well, even in the largest auditorium. Suitable for all pianos, from the smallest vertical to the largest concert grand. They make a particularly fine replacement for a Steinway M or similar small grand, for example.

The above described hammers require little or no voicing to sound fantastic!

Low cost hammers, by contrast, require a lot of work to sound at best satisfactory, easily negating any perceived cost savings, and then ending up with only mediocre results to boot.

Hammer Installation

Choosing the finest hammers is only the first step. Installing them requires a careful eye and a steady hand. Every angle must be exact for proper function, and the technician must be willing to spend the time necessary to achieve factory quality results.

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